Restaurant test
Also the restaurant tests offered by visiteurs International focus primarily on the judgement of the services from the viewpoint of the guest. We don't give stars or „chefs hats“ and we don't look into your kitchen. In the foreground stands the subjective perception of the testers and the impression given to your guests.

The test questionnaire is developed with you and adapted to the individual requirements of your gastronomy concept. According to the main emphasis, the following points may, among others, beconsidered:

  • Communication/telephone services: table reservation, pre-ordering, individual requirements

  • Welcome, „first impressions“

  • Staff: Friendliness, competence, professionalism, spirit of corporate identity

  • Attentiveness: personal care, compliance with special wishes

  • Procedure, waiting times

  • Orders: correct delivery, general quality of meals

  • Atmosphere: choice of music / volume, interior décor, lighting, cleanliness

  • Service: car parking, toilet rooms, provision for disabled and children, smoking and non-smoking areas, availability of vegetarian dishes, car parking for woman

  • Price to service relationship

  • Summary of impressions

Especially in the case of restaurant chains our testers have an eye on quality requirements specified by the client, for example: uniform, visibility of name plates, systematic use of upselling potentials, and compliance with corporate identity concept.

If you wish we will also carry out work-flow analyses or - after a first test - interviews with staff members

visiteurs International helps you to ensure that your clients return and that satisfied customers become enthusiastic regular guests!

For any requests please contact us here! We are looking forward to hearing from you!