Internet check
The internet plays a more and more important role as a source of giving first information and as a booking platform. Are you easily to find in the web? How many visitors of your website finally book a room?

visiteurs International can provide valuable answers to these questions!

As a first step we can carry out an inexpensive website-analyses (usability-check). Here we would, as typical visitors do, engage a representative group of potentially interested persons to find your web page and to make a provisional booking. We will document the surf pattern, the “pleasure factor” (does your internet page give an inviting impression of the hotel?) and the user friendliness of booking.

In addition or as an alternative to the usability-check we also offer the “professional-check” through an acknowledged internet expert. He will check your website for several hours using various internet services.

Both test methods contain an extensive evaluation and propose easy to implement improvements, which are oriented towards the typical internet user.

In the framework of our extensive range of services we can offer in addition a consultation on software that allows you to document the surf patterns of your internet guests in an easily comprehensible form.