Hotel test
Who is the center point of your business?

Naturally, it is the guest! For this reason visiteurs International uses testers that have no connection to the hotel business. With one exception: All testers are experienced travellers and know exactly what is needed to make a stay a success. Our testers know which factors lead a guest to return and they also know all the hiccups that can make a stay unbearable. Using an assessment form with approximately 350 - 750 questions (number depends on the category of hotel/industry), all areas, which are of any relevance for the guest, are checked and the results are clearly documented for you.

How do we proceed?

The first test (Pre-Check) is normally carried out by a leading member of our house. Through the first test night we get to know the feel of the house. In contrast to following visits the tester may identify himself after check-out, if you so wish.

We will then present our findings to the management and discuss possible changes in the questionnaire or discuss the focuses of future test visits. Furthermore we will define the category of test personal required. From student to manager, from family with children to couples on a week-end away - our tester database leaves no wish open!

As an alternative to the pre-check procedure described above we can also carry out a 30 minute telephone pre-interview with the management of the particular hotel.

What comes next?

Within a short time you receive from us the questionnaire. This gives you the opportunity to make any last adjustments. Should the bar be visited at a particular time? Should the restaurant bill be paid in cash? Your wishes are our command!

Now it gets exciting: the test starts!

After all questions are settled, the tester moves into action. He starts with the visiting card of your house, the telephone service/switchboard and the reservation department. Everything noticeable is carefully documented. The importance of these first impressions is reflected in the fact that after the reservation almost 10% of the questions have already been answered!

What happens on the spot?

Entering the house the next questions are already answered. Was the hotel easy to find? Was it possible to park near to the guest entrance? Did the building give a welcoming impression? And it continuous at the reception. Did one have to wait? Was the reception friendly?

In short: Question after question. visiteurs International delivers, in a clear form, practical answers that can really bring you forward!

How do I get the results?

Within three working days after the check-out of the tester you receive a comprehensive documentation of all experiences of the tester(s) during the stay. The testers comment on most of the questions to enable you to comprehend the particular situation. In addition each tester writes an extensive report about his stay.

That sounds interesting, but a bit confusing!

Part of every questionnaire is a point system with varying weighting. The tester doesn't know how the weighting is achieved. This reduces the risk of a too subjective assessment and at the same time allows direct comparison of several long term tests, as well as giving at one glance a comparison with other houses within a hotel chain or group.

Within all assessments, however, a certain degree of subjectivity is nonetheless desirable: in the end, the optimisation of service quality should be in accordance with the wishes of the guest.

The costs

Due to our principal of avoiding the use of full time testers we are able to offer you, in addition to the new and exciting perspective of tests from the viewpoint of the guests, a pleasing relationship between price and service. With visteurs International even regular, e,g, monthly tests don't become a financial burden.

For any requests please contact us here! We are looking forward to hearing from you!