Phone- and conference-booking
Despite an ever increasing use of the internet for booking the telephone is still the most important medium, when it comes to your guest's first impression of your house.

To ensure a consistently high quality of advice, visiteurs International provides the offer of telephone tests by anonymous testers. The reasons for test calls are diverse. Ranging from a normal room reservation to an extensive discussion about a banquet.

Even by a simple room reservation it can make an important difference when the staff succeeds in raising the guest's interest in his or her visit. How is your hotel promoted on the telephone? Do your guests look forward to their stay?

With regard to banquets it is important to know the potentials of the hotel, to be able to present them on the telephone, to give a professional impression and to use possible upselling-potential. Further questions are, if and when a follow-up call took place, how long one had to wait for details and prices and how these were presented.