FAQ for prospective tester
Whether solicitor on a meeting away from home, young free lancer with limited travel budget, pensioner on a journey through Austria or a simply a weekend trip with your family - as a tester with visiteurs International you have the possibility to reduce your travel costs.

1. What do I have to have, to become a tester with visiteurs International?

You should have the following qualities:

- Experience as guest in business hotels (has to be proved, will be checked)
- an above average talent for observation
- a balanced view and a critical mode of perception
- the ability to enjoy the work as such.

In addition you should posses a laptop computer and a credit card.

2. Am I paid for my work?

Indirectly yes, for the time spent (normally between two and five hours) you get a night in a good or a very good hotel and enjoy a good dinner. All together let's say: All costs arising from your stay are reimbursed within four weeks to your credit card account. This includes normally:

- Parking
- Dinner with several courses
- In-room breakfast and dinner
- Drinks from the bar
- Use of sport- and fitness facilities
- Massage
- Breakfast.

3. Are travel costs refunded?

No, travel costs are not normally refunded except of very few destinations.

4. What happens after my application?

A few days after the submission of your online application you should receive notification as to whether, on the basis of your profile, you are suitable for us. When yes, you will be invited
to an interview in your home town or nearby. As we try to combine several applicants, it may take several weeks before the meeting takes place. During this interview you will also be given an introduction to the test procedure.

Note: The interviews normally take place on Saturdays or Sundays. Travel costs arising from the interview are not reimbursed.

5. Can I work for you full time?

No, there should be 18 months between two tests of a hotel by the same tester. For this reason alone full time employment is not possible. Additionally, full time employment would contradict our principle of tests carried out from the viewpoint of “normal” guests.

6. How much time should I allow for the test?

You should check into the hotel between 16:00 and 18:00 and afterwards not leave it for more then a short time. Think about the various facilities available in the hotel.

Note: If you plan to go to a function or meet friends, then the evening is not suited for a hotel test. The same applies for a late arrival in the hotel.

7. Can it be, that my costs are not reimbursed?

Fortunately we can say that this situation has not so far occurred! However, in the following cases, we reserve the right to withhold the reimbursement of expenditures.
- questions are deliberately not answered.
- several facilities are not checked.
- assessments prove to be false.
- special requirements and arrangements are not complied with.

But we want to repeat: So far we have not needed to take such steps, and we hope that it will be always be so!

8. Who answers further questions?

If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form. Thank you!