Why visiteurs International?
visiteurs International sees itself as a customer orientated service for superior quality control and -optimisation, mainly focused on the hospitality industry.

The hotel- and telephone tests carried out by visiteurs International reflect the impression of the house from the view point of the guest, and detect potentials for optimisation to increase customer satisfaction thereby leading to a higher degree of customer loyalty.

visiteurs International works exclusively with testers that have no connection with the hotel business and are thus able to document the stay in your house from a neutral and realistic point of view. Our testers are experienced travellers and, in a way, professionals concerning customer satisfaction and customer bonding. All our testers have to undergo regular further training by us.

In contrast to tests with experts, this method shows how the “average” guest experiences the services of your hotel – an almost unique principle on the European market. Our database, with at the moment about 400 test persons from all relevant spheres, allows a selection suitable for every establishment.

The electronic questionnaire is individually adapted to the specific requirements of your house and reduces the risk of a too subjective judgement. A comprehensibly structured assessment allows comparisons of quantified results achieved in repetitive testing

Within all assessments, however, a certain degree of subjectivity is non the less desirable: in the end, the optimisation of service quality should be in accordance with the wishes of the guest.

Take profit in our international experiences - currently we are working in 16 European countries:
- Austria
- Bulgaria
- Croatia
- Czech Republic
- France
- Germany
- Hungary
- Iceland
- Moldova
- Norway
- Poland
- Romania
- Russia
- Slovakia
- Sweden
- United Kingdom.

Several night train-, car ferry- and cruise-companies also belong to our clients.